Vancouver Airport Terminals

Vancouver airport has one main terminal building divided in two different areas: International Terminal and Domestic Terminal.


International Terminal

It has the gates numbered from 48 to 82. All gates can accept flights arriving from all international and US origins. It uses two concourses: D and E.


- Concourse D: it has 14 gates, numbered as: D50-D55, D58, D64-D67, D70, D71, and D73. There are 2 jet bridges that can handle the Airbus A380. Gates D50, D51 and D52 sometimes are used to handle domestic flights.


- Concourse E: It has 20 gates: from E75 to E87 and from E90 to E96. Gate E95 stands 95A and 95B. It operates with the majority of US-bound flights with the exception of flights from an international origin or flights that depart after 8.30pm.


The international terminal is served by several restaurants and cafés before and after the security point.


Domestic Terminal

It has three concourses: A, B and C.


- Concourse A: It has gates (temporary): From A6 to A10 and A12 as well. WestJet Encore is the only airline that uses the concourse.


- Concourse B: It is used for domestic flights by Air Transat, Air North, First Air, Central Mountain Air, Sunwing Airlines, and WestJet.

It has 15 gates: from B12 to B23 and from B26 to B28.

In the future, it is planned that gates B14 and B17 are going to handle some international arrivals.


- Concourse C: It has 24 gates: from C29 to C52. It serves as a hub for Air Canada Express domestic flights and Air Canada. Gates from C50 to C52 are also used by WestJet because this gates can be used by international arrivals and departures.

Gates C48 and C49 can handle US/International arrivals.


South Terminal

In Vancouver airport there is also the South Terminal. It serves regional airlines which fly mostly within British Columbia, in addition to chartered and helicopter flights. The terminal also houses a floatplane terminal and the corporate headquarters and the main base of Harbour Air and Pacific Coastal Airlines.